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Photographs ➔ Photograph, 100 N Division Avenue

Photograph of the home located at 100 N Division in 1921 (74 Division prior to 1912). It is the northeast corner of Division and Fountain. Also known as the Judd-White house.The Keeler building can be seen on the right and Fountain Street Church on the right behind the Keeler Building. 
Murder/suicide of Warren C. Rowland and Vashti Perry Rowland occurred in this house.
This house was razed in 1924.
Camera Shop number 232448
negative in folder
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Tier 2
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The Camera Shop (identified by)
The Camera Shop was formed in 1908 by Walter K. Schmidt (1865-1938) to provide photo supplies to the Grand Rapids, Kent County Michigan community. He retained ownership of the Camera Shop until 1936. All of the known photographs which carry the Camera Shop markings come from the era of Schmidt’s ownership. The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Library have photographs from the Camera Shop in their collections.