Discovery Kit: Fossil Kit #1 [Grades 5-7]

This GRPM education kit was developed for 5th to 7th graders and is designed to be implemented by science teachers in their own classrooms.  The materials included in the fossil kit are designed to be flexible and offer a range of activities that can be altered to accommodate different learning levels and time constraints.  There are three activity options:
Fossil Observation, Common Types of Body Fossil Preservation, and The Fossil Record of the Animal Kingdom. 

Fossil Observations: can be completed as an introductory exercise or as a way to
focus more on close observation of a particular fossil specimen

Common Types of Body Fossil Preservation: The aim of this activity is to examine the different types of fossil preservation most commonly found in the rock record and begin to understand
how the fossil record can be biased in the type of organisms most likely to be preserved.

The Fossil Record of the Animal Kingdom: The aim of this activity is to study the fossil record of animals through deep time and introduce the system scientists use to determine how closely related organisms are to each other, based on shared features or characteristics.

The specimens in this kit include many fossils that can be found in Michigan, with the majority of the kit being composed of real fossils.  Laminated fossil identification and information sheets are provided with each fossil.  Links to different fossil-related teacher resources are also included, to be used for short introductions to this material or as learning
extensions.  This education kit was created by funds from the Gerber Grant.