Military Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Helmet
Military Helmet

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World War I ➔ Military Helmet

This combat helmet, also known as the Stahlhelm is from the Imperial German Army of the German Empire. It was worn during World War I. This combat helmet is made of steel.

The Stahlhelm, which is German for 'steel helmet' was a steel combat helmet created by Dr. Friedrich Schwerd as a replacement to the Pickelhaube. It was introduced in 1916 and saw many design changes throughout the 1900s until it was replaced in 1992 with the Gefechtshelm.
circa 1916
Steel, Leather
7"" h 9"" w 11"" d
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Gift Of Harold Jennings

Jennings, Harold

Imperial German Army
The Imperial German Army was formed in 1871 after Germany and Prussia were unified. Upon unification, the army transitioned and combined the land and air forces of the German Empire into a single unit. Soldiers who enlisted in the Imperial German Army received basic training and were required to specialize in either infantry, cavalry or artillery. After World War I the Imperial German Army was dissolved and was replaced with the Reichswehr in 1919.  


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