Figure, Rama
Figure, Rama

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Ceremonial Artifacts ➔ Figure, Rama

This item portrays bronze figures of the three manifestations of the figure Rama, according to the Hindu religion. Object includes a rectangular stand with designs etched into it and three slots in which the manifestation figures slide into from the back. The center figure is taller, at 3.30 inches, than the other two at 2.50 inches.;Rama in three manifestations. The Hindu god, Rama, epitomized virtue and chivalry and may have been a historical figure whose legend transformed him into a deity. According to Hindu beliefs, Rama was born a prince in line for the throne of Ayodhya--an ancient town that is regarded as one of the 7 sacred Hindu cities. Rama eventually claims this throne and learns that he is an incarnation of Vishnu, one of the three most important gods in Hinduism. 
Cast, Bronze
5" h 6.5" w 2.75" d
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