Pipe, Water
Pipe, Water
Pipe, Water
Pipe, Water

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The ancient water pipe has been a traditional way of smoking across Asian countries for several centuries. This particular pipe originates from late 19th century China, during the end of the late Qing period. Most likely formed from cupronickel, this pipe’s longs long stem connects the mouthpiece to the large hexagonal body. The body of the pipe is divided into two chambers. The first chamber is filled with water, and the second with tobacco. To smoke, the smoker sucks into the mouthpiece, which causes air to travel from the burning tobacco through the water filter, and out the mouthpiece, from where it can then be inhaled. Chinese water pipes are made from a variety of metals that include black bronze, copper, brass, tin, silver, and most commonly cupronickel. These pipes are often decorated with elaborate designs, writings, and occasionally rare jewels. This particular water pipe has a variety of designs and decorations. A decorated leather rope connects two large red tassels that hang freely from mouthpiece. Two tools for packing the tobacco are also tucked into individual departments on the side of the body. One side of the body contains a large design of five Chinese women studying outdoors. The other sides of the body are decorated with a variety of Chinese characters. Many of the Chinese characters are best translated to various values that are held in high regard to the Chinese culture such as “Good Fortune, Courtesy, Benevolence, Good Fortune, Long Life, Wealth, and Lots of Descendants” These characters serve as a reminder for the reader to practice such virtues. The name of the creator, as well as the date the pipe was made is also visible on the pipe. The stranger, more ancient looking characters covering the pipe are in an ancient script used until the Han Dynasty nearly 2000 years ago. The more modern looking characters are taken from the script used during the Han Dynasty, which are the origins of most modern Chinese characters. The modern characters explain how the larger black characters on the pipe were taken from a "ding" (ritual vessel) that were from the Han Dynasty. The decorations and inscriptions on the pipe serve as a reminder of the extreme reverence and appreciate that the Chinese have for their tradition and culture. Jaymes Gontjes, 11/8/2015

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Silver metal water pipe with tall stem/mouthpiece, double-hexagon base with storage container on one side, pipe assembly on other. Metal tube (tobacco bowl) sticks out of pipe assembly. Leather cord and large red tassles hang from mouthpiece. Base decorated with Chinese characters and design. Cleaning pincer sticks out of compartment in main body.;Smoke is drawn though the metal tube from the tobacco bowl, and into the water to cool and cleanse the smoke. These pipes have a tobacco box and compartments for a pincer and pick.
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17.5" h 6.3" w 1.6" d
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