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Firearms ➔ Revolver, Raphael Revolver

Raphael revolver, a double action six shot pistol firing an 11 mm round.;The Raphael revolver was a very rare revolver. It received its name not from the inventor but from the French arms dealer that sold them to the U.S. , George Raphael and Company. The design of the gun was rather complicated. The gun has a backplate on the rear of the cylinder with six openings for the hammer to strike the rounds. In order to load the gun the shooter had to lock the hammer into a small opening that acted as a crude safety. With the safety in place a gate on the right side of the cylinder had to be opened and then each individual round could be loaded.;#39 stamped on the face of the cylinder. Serial #21, stamped in front of the cylinder housing on the bottom of the barrel.;The Raphael revolver was sought after because of its centerfire cartridge, not ball and cap. The US military ordered 106 of the weapons September 21, 1861. By a matter of coincidence George Raphael was friends with Abraham Lincoln.;English Six Shot
.41 cal
circa 1861
Wood, Iron
5.5" h 1 3/4 | "" w 11 | "" d
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In Storage
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Tier 2
Courtesy Of J. W. Brown
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