Peavey-type Cant Dog Or Hook
Peavey-type Cant Dog Or Hook
Peavey-type Cant Dog Or Hook
Peavey-type Cant Dog Or Hook

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Although the terms are used interchangeably, the cant hook or cant dog and the peavey hook are actually variations of a logging tool that use similar principals to safely move or roll logs and safely free log jams. Both tools have a long handle and utilize a hook or dog with toe rings that can clamp around the log and provide more stability than a pry bar. A peavey hook, however, also has a spike on the end that can be rammed into the log. Joseph Peavey, a Maine entrepeneur is credited with inventing the peavey in 1857. The Peavey Manufacturing Company still produces them today.
1867 – 1900
70.5" h 14" w 3" d
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