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Weapons ➔ Kris

Kris with a steel blade that has wavy edges (dapor loq). The base of the blade has the typical kris notched guard. The handle is wrapped in a reed braiding.;The wavy blades (dapor loq) are less common than the straight (dapor bener) kris blades.;In South East Asia, the most widely used and popular knife is the kris. It is a very old weapon which survives even to this day. The kris is believed to have originated in Java, Indonesia in the 14th century by a Janggalo king named Inakto Pali. From there it was then exported to other places in Asia (i.e., Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Borneo and the Philippines). The kris serves three purposes: an object of cult, a fighting weapon, and an execution devise.
Steel, Wood, Reed
29" h 5.2" w 1.5" d
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