Poke Bonnet
Poke Bonnet
Poke Bonnet
Poke Bonnet
Poke Bonnet

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Headwear ➔ Poke Bonnet

This poke bonnet made of leghorn straw has a green satin ribbon around the crown. This style of bonnet was very popular during this time period because it helped protect a woman's skin from the sun, leaving her complexion fashionably pale. Women often owned two bonnets: one for warmer weather usually made of straw and one for colder weather. The tradition of the Easter bonnet comes from when women would switch their winter bonnet for their summer bonnet. This poke bonnet is significant to the collection because it is an excellent representation of the styles of hats worn by women in the 1850s.

According to our records this bonnet could have been cut down and remodeled after the Civil War era. 
circa 1850 – 1865
Straw Weave, Satin Ribbon
12 in" h 9.75 in " w 11 in" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Miss Kate Baldwin

Kate Baldwin
Related Place
Grand Rapids
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