Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box
Hat and Box

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This top hat, often called a Gibus or opera hat, is made of black silk grosgrain and has a black grosgrain ribbon around the base of the crown.  It is roughly 12.5 centimeters tall and was made by Renfranz-Rasmussen of South Bend, Indiana. It has a spring-loaded collapsible frame that allowed the hat to flatten. This was designed for men to conveniently carry them tucked under their arm and also to store them under their seat at the opera house. This style of hat is named after Antoine Gibus who designed the collapsible frame around 1840. 
circa 1900
Silk, Grosgrain Ribbon
5"" h 9.5"" w 11"" d; 6"" h 10.25"" w 14"" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Mrs. Fred McMurray

Renfranz-Rasmussen, Incorporated
Renfranz-Rasmussen, Incorporated was located in South Bend, Indiana. 

Mrs. Fred McMurray
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