Shoes, Woman's Wedding
Shoes, Woman's Wedding

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Shoes, Woman's Wedding

White kid leather woman's wedding slippers with a flat sole. The leather is soft and lined with a beige-colored linen. They have been hand-sewn with a running stitch and some mends have been made on the inside with patches. On the bottom of the sole in hand-writing is written "Margaret Carry's Wedding Shoes Oct. 16, 1817 Maryland".;These were worn by Margaret Carrey on her wedding day Oct. 16, 1817.;"Margaret Carrey's Wedding Shoes Oct. 16, 1817 Maryland " written directly on the sole;Worn by Margaret Carrey in Maryland on October 16, 1817.
1815 – 1819
Kid Leather, Linen
2" h 3 | "" w 9 | "" d
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In Storage
Gift Of Hess Jr., Earl
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Andrea Melvin (identified by) Hess Jr., Earl (donor)
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