Skirt And Headband, Piu Piu, With Poi Ball
Skirt And Headband, Piu Piu, With Poi Ball

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Oceanian ➔ Skirt And Headband, Piu Piu, With Poi Ball

Woman's ceremonial skirt made of flax leaves curled, scraped into sections, dyed black. Headband made of flax. Ornamental dance accessory made of flax.

This is a piu piu, a traditional skirt and headband worn by Maori women during ceremonial dances. The skirt is made from flax fiber; the blackened sections are fashioned by scraping off the outer surface, then dying the interior. The piu piu makes a distinctive sound while dancing, and serves as a substitute for drums--which the Maori did not use. A poi ball, a dancing accessory, accompanies the piu piu. The accompanying poi ball is very traditional in style. It was twirled, via a short or long string, for entertainment in certain traditional dances.

See web label for details. Identified by Carol S. Ivory, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Washington State University--Pullman; tel: 509.335.7043.
Flax Leaves, Flax Fibers
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Maori Ethnic Group

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