St. Lucia's Day Crown
St. Lucia's Day Crown
St. Lucia's Day Crown
St. Lucia's Day Crown

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St. Lucia's Day Crown

St. Lucia's Day, celebrated on December 13th, honors the life and death of the patron saint of the blind. Lucia, meaning "light", was a young Christian woman in Italy who, according to legend, defied laws by bringing food to the poor at night, wearing a crown of candles to light the way. The Roman governor later discovered she was a Christian and she was sentenced to death in the year 304. In many versions of the legend, she was blinded because of her faith. 

To celebrate St. Lucia's Day throughout Sweden, Norway, and Finland, the oldest daughter of the family often dresses as Lucia and serves family members coffee, pepparkakor, and lussekatter. They may also march in a special parade during the Festival of Lights, singing traditional songs as they welcome the start of the Scandinavian Christmas season. 

This particular model of the crown is made primarily of plastic and features electric candles. 
circa 2019
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