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Clothing and Accessories
Children's Clothing
Undergarments ➔ Chemise

This child's chemise is made of cream-colored wool and has button closures on the shoulder straps. The skirt has three tiers and the hem is scalloped. 
circa 1900 – 1940
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Education Program
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Tier 3
Gift Of Mee Teet
Discover: Grand Rapids Then & Now (October 22 2019)

Grand Rapids Then & Now will explore the concept of community, both now and during the Victorian Era.  It will examine how communities change by showing the differences between goods and services available in the 1890s and in the present.  This program highlights the people who lived in and traveled to Grand Rapids, their stories and contributions, and the community that has been built because of our predecessors.  Learners will explore the Streets of Old Grand Rapids Exhibit, engaging in artifact discovery and exhibit interpretation activities.

Student Objectives:

  • Students will observe differences between Grand Rapids today and Grand Rapids in 1890, specifically in the areas of communication, transportation, recreation, and architecture.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast the present day and the Victorian Era in terms of how people meet basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.
  • Students will be able to describe the local economy during the 1890s after entering three shops in the exhibit and investigating the prices and availability of goods and services.
Curriculum Connections:
  • Michigan K-12 Social Studies Standards: H1 The World in Temporal Terms: Historical Habits of Mind, H2 Living and Working Together in Families and Communities, Now and Long Ago, H3 The History of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, U6 The Development of an Industrial, Urban, and Global United States,G2 Places and Regions, G4 Human Systems, E1 The Market Economy, P1 Reading and Communication, P2 Inquiry Research and Analysis
  • ELA Common Core Standards for Reading and Speaking & Listening

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