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Photographs ➔ Archival Collection #043 - Glass Plate Negative Collection

Archival Collection #043 - Glass Plate Negative Collection contains an extensive collection of glass plate negatives, many which were likely being used for educational purposes by Museum staff at the turn of the 20th century. The collection is a compilation of glass plate negatives from a variety of undocumented sources and is mostly unprocessed. It includes some portraiture, indicating some may have come from the Camera Shop. Others are labeled as collections from Frank L. DuMond who was a previous Museum Director, the Richard Van Altena Collection which contains instructional materials from the Dickenson School and the Vanderveen Collection. There are approximately 48 boxes of the larger 8x10 totaling about 1200 negatives and 70 boxes of the smaller size negatives, totaling more than 1200.
20th century
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Frank L. DuMond
Frank L. DuMond  (1897 -1989) was a long-time employee of the Grand Rapids Public Museum (47 years), serving much of the time as the Museum's Director and retiring around 1970. Prior to joining GRPM he served in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Cornell University from 1916 to 1920.