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Furniture Industry Archives ➔ Archival Collection #030 - Furniture Industry Collection

Archival Collection #030 - Furniture Industry Collection is a compilation of miscellaneous` material that deals with the local furniture industry and related topics. A large portion of it is promotional material published primarily by and for the furniture industry. The collection contains printed material published by a single furniture company as well as material developed by a furniture consortium established to promote the furniture industry. The contents spans the period of 1882 to the present and it consists of about ten boxes that measure ten cubic feet.

A substantial amount of the material within the collection promotes that furniture industry to the public as well as within the industry. A portion of this collection includes miscellaneous material that deals with furniture related topics. Furniture consortium publications reflect the industry’s relationship with wholesalers and retailers. A small amount of furniture company business records reflect lumber prices, wages, and job classifications. A small number of employee identification cards indicate the worker’s ethnic background and citizenship status. The collection contains informative books that detail the history of furniture styles and design. Others are designed to aid the consumer in their choice of home furnishings. While the material in this collection parallels product literature, its main focus reflects the industry’s promotion of its products.
after 1882
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