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Photograph, William H. DeCamp

DeCamp enters service as Regimental surgeon at organization 9/12/1861 in Grand Rapids. He serves until expiration of enlistment 10/26/1864.
circa 1864
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1st Michigan Engineers And Mechanics (identified by) DeCamp, Dr. William Henry (identified by)
A New York native, Dr. William H. DeCamp (November 6, 1825-July 4, 1898), styled surgeon, settled Grand Rapids by 1854, joined the First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics in late-1861. After three years in the army, DeCamp resumed his medical practice and served as president of Michigan State Medical Society.

William H. DeCamp was one of the founding members of Grand Rapids Lyceum of Natural History in 1854. Grand Rapids Lyceum of Natural History is the earliest predecessor of Grand Rapids Public Museum.