Trade Card, Jansma's Kindermeel
Trade Card, Jansma's Kindermeel

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Trade Card, Jansma's Kindermeel

This archival collection helps document one local family's immigration and assimilation story. The Jansma family is of Dutch descent and their "American Story" began in 1919 when the donor's grandparents and their nine children immigrated to the United States from Fries-land, Netherlands, looking for a fresh start after the devastating World War I conflict ended. Through a small grouping of emigration documents, family photos, and related family ephemeral material, the collection documents the story of the 1st generation grandparent's immigration, the donor's father's 2nd generation's assimilation, and the donor's 3rd generation full integration into the American way of life in the West Michigan community. (see also Archival Collection No. 226 Finding Aid);The Jansma family immigration story is one example of the millions of other family stories that create the "patchwork quilt" or melting pot of our American identity heralding the rich diversity found within every American city, small rural community and suburb - including our own West Michigan community.;Dutch emigration peaked in the nineteenth century due to agricultural crisis and religious persecution. Many who came during this period were from rural areas in the Netherlands, and an unusually high number of entire families relocated, rather than the more typical single male head-of-household emigration. This family's decision to leave the Netherlands happened later in 1919, following the end of the devastating World War I conflict.
circa 1910
3" h 4.25" w
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In Storage
Gift Of Jr. Sidney J. Jansma
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Young Womens Christian Association (creator) Sidney J. Jansma. Jr. (donor) Andrea Melvin (identified by)