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Castanets, Pair, Black Wood

Two piars of shell-shaped wood painted black at joined togehter at one end with red cord. a) One pair has a bull fighter and bull painted on the top of one shell with the words "recuerdo de Madrid." there is a bullfighters sword and cape hand painted on the other shell. b) the other pair has a woman dancer dressed in a long yellow dress with the words "Recuerdo De Madrid" on one shell and a yellow guitar on the other.;Accept as Education Collection. object.;Found in the Museum's old schoool loan kit and transferred to the Education Collection for use in the as hands-on items in the -Newcomers Musical Instrument Culture Kit. Accept as Education Collection. object.;Castanets are a percussion instrument associated especiaily with Spain. They often accompany singing or dancing, particularly the flamenco dance. Usually a player has one pair od casnanets in each hand. The string is hooked over the thumb and the castenets rest on the palm. By clicking the pieces together sounds are produced. The name castanet comes from the Spainish word for chestnut (castana) because they resemble chestnuts.
Wood, Cord
3.25" h 2.5" w 1" d
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Discovery Kit: Music (October 14 2019)

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Virtual Discovery Kit: Music (April 2020)
Music is one of the first elements of culture that comes to mind. Music is found in all civilizations and has been for thousands of years. Use this collection to investigate a variety of musical instruments from around the world.