Muslim Prayer Rug
Muslim Prayer Rug

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Islamic prayer rug. Rectangular shape with shades of prussian blue, black, tan, and pale yellow. The central motif is a large, scalloped arch, inside the pointed end of which is a depiction of the Kaaba - a shrine located at the center of the Great Mosque in Mecca, considered by Muslims to be an extremely sacred spot . A multi-part floral and geometric border surrounds the arch, and there is a short blue fringe along the top and bottom edges. A manufacturer's label tag is sewn to a reverse edge of the rug.

This rug is typical of the type used by Muslims for prayers in Grand Rapids. The rug is placed on the ground facing Mecca, and is used to keep the user from touching the ground. 

Purchased by donor as a gift for the Museum, in anticipation of the Newcomers exhibition
circa 2004
Machine Woven, Cotton
48" h 27.5" w 0.25" d
Current Location Status:
On Exhibit
Gift Of Drs. Ali And Nadia Metwalli

Newcomers: The People of this Place (after 2008)

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Aydin Mensucat

Metwalli, Ali