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Tier 3

Native American - Woodland
Native American ➔ Black Ash Basket With Lid

Round basket with 8 spoke splints. Natural color. Completely covered with decorative twists. One narrow band of sweet grass on lid. Lid has circular handle in middle. Bottom reinforced with 2 exterior extra splints, 4 interior. ....loose blades of sweet grass and business card in interior.;Exemplifies very decorative style of modern Anishinabe basket making.;Made by donor. Donor taught classes and is giving demonstrations at the museum and wanted us to have one of her baskets. Maker traces ancestry to Chief Mackinac, who she says, 'fought against Pontiac during the uprising.' She was apprenticed to Charles Shedawin and is devoted to Harriet Shedawin's (died 1991) dream of passing on the tradition to the young. Harriet was Charles's wife.;Mickinok Quay/2000-1999/Turtle Woman |
Basketry, Black Ash Splints, Sweetgrass
8" h 8" w
Current Location Status:
Education Program
In Memory Of Harriot Shedawin And In Honor Of Charles Shedawin

Investigate: Native American Cultural Artifacts (September 2018)
During the Investigate program, students will take the role of Museum curators and use close observation and critical thinking to discover the origin, meaning, and importance of real objects from the Museum’s Collection. Students will learn how to handle and study primary sources and will be pushed to consider how singular objects or groups of objects can tell meaningful stories about our place.
Student Objectives:
  • Learners will be able to analyze primary sources (artifacts, specimens, and photographs) and make inferences about the story or significance of the sources.
  • Learners will be able to describe what these cultural objects can tell us about the lifestyle and values of the Native Americans who used them.

Curriculum Connections:

  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations; Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • ELA Common Core Standards by Domain: Research to Build and Present Knowledge
  • Michigan K-12 Social Studies Standards: H1 The World in Temporal Terms: Historical Habits of Mind, H2 Living and Working Together in Families and Communities, Now and Long Ago, H3 The History of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, G2 Places and Regions, G4 Human Systems, P1 Reading and Communication, P2 Inquiry Research and Analysis

Bekins, Marge
Member of the Sault Band Chippewa


Bekins, Marge M.
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