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Musical Instruments ➔ Concertina

Rectangular box shape with chamfered corners. Two solid ends hold sound boxes and keyboards, as well as handles. Center section is accordion style in silver and red. Overall design is red and white with gold, silver, and black accents and faux rubies and topaz. Case is black faux leather with black interior. Book of music is grey with black and features music written for the concertina.;This concertina was used by and custom made for a known individual from this region. It is an instrument traditionally associated with a specific group of immigrants. It will be used in Collecting A-Z, M is for Musical Instruments.;Star; Blackie;Custom made by Star for M... 'Blackie' Pedranzan of Lansing, MI. Has been in possession of Pedranzan family.;Used in Lansing area.
1950 – 1975
Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Metal
11" h 18" w 11.25" d
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Gift Of Michael J. Pedranzan
Related Entities:
Star (creator) Pedranzan, Michael (donor) Kapler, Joe (identified by)