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Central American ➔ Replica, Architectural Ornament

Two lion faces and one stylized block face. These are small reproductions of architectural elements on the Temple de Quetzalcoatl de Teotihuacan.;Tourist items. Identified by Virginia Miller, Professor of Art History, Department of Art History, University of Illinois Chicago, IL; tel: 312.413.2467;1) There is a label on the block face element with a photo on one side and the other side reads, "Reproduccion pequena de una de las cabezas escultoricas de la decoracion del templo de Quetzalcoatl de Teotihuacan. Direccion postal del fabricante: JOSE MARIA ARREOLA Apartado 1476. - Mexico, D. F. |
2.501" h 4" w 1.50 | 2.25" d
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