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Food ➔ Butter Server

V 6247a-c
Raised grape and leaves motif on all but glass (c). Round with four legs for a base. Dome lid that rests over silver plate and glass plate, handle is narrow and tall.;Bottom, stamp, in a circle: 'Rogers & Bros./Triple Plate', in center, a hand with lightning shooting out from all sides: '4993'.;USA: Michigan, Grand Rapids. Voigt House. Voigt donated majority of the CGA Voigt Estate to the Grand Rapids Foundation upon his death in 1971. GRF leased the property to the KCCHP. KCCHP purchased the property in 1974 and in turn donated it to G.R.. Voigt, Ralph.;USA: Michigan, Grand Rapids. Voigt House. Voigt, Ralph.
12.5" h 6 | 5 | 5" w 6 | 4.2500 | 4.25" d; 6" h ; 6" h
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Rogers And Brothers