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Science and Technology
American Civil War ➔ Radiation Detection Set

There are 25 items in this set. (1.1) Original cardboard box for CD V-777 Radiation Detection Set, printed with Civil Defense logo. (1.2) Radiation Survey Meter OCDM Item# CD V-700, 4.5x8.5x4.5; (1.3) OCDM Item# CD V-700 Instruction and Maintence Manual. (1.4) one yellow strap for meter. (1.5) Radiation Survey Meter OCD Item# CDV-717; 4.5x8.5x4.5. (1.6) OCD Item# CDV-717 Instruction and Maintenance Manual. (1.7) one yellow strap for meter. (1.8) Radiation Survey meter OCD Item# CDV-715. (1.9) OCD Item# CDV-715 Instruction and Maintenance Manual. (1.10) one yellow strap for meter. (1.11-16) 6 dosimeters 4.5x5/8 diam. (1.17) 1 dosimeter charger, 5.5x3x4.25. (1.18-19) Dosimeter charger instruction booklets. (1.20) Dosimeter charger original box. (1.21) yellow plastic bag for suspending counter out windows. (1.22) Headphone set. (1.23) Handbook for Radiological Monitors. (1.24) 'How to use your Radiological Instruments'. (1.25) 'Radiation Safety in Shelters Handbook'. Publications related to radiation detection range in dates from 1961 to 1983.;Represents the Cold War and attendant beliefs that nuclear war might happen and that there might be some chance of survival for properly equipped citizens.;CD V-777-A RADIATION DETECTION KIT UP DATE PACKED Nov. 87 DATE INSPECTED Nov. 92;These kits were originally intended for deployment in fallout shelters. This one was transferred from State of Michigan ownership to Amway corporation. State Police maintained and calibrated these kits periodically, then transferred some to private corporations, according to current Emergency Mgmt. officer.;After deployment in a fallout shelter, it was transferred to the Hazardous Materials Team at Amway corporation. They say that some of the gauges on their manufacturing tanks had radioactive material in them.;1) FOR USE IN NUCLEAR ATTACK ONLY Property of the State of Michigan, etc.
1961 – 1983
Paper, Metal, Glass
8" h 12.5" w 14" d
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Gift Of Access Business Group-haz-mat Team

Victoreen Instrument Company

Access Business Group - Haz Mat Team
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